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Frequently Asked Questions about Central Heating

1. What makes a good boiler?

These are the 3 main factors to consider: ease of installation, reliability and service friendliness. Valliant are a very good choice as they produce well designed boilers.

2. Are combination (combi) boilers reliable?

Combination Boilers used to be unreliable, but over the years manufacturers have learned through trial and error how to make the boilers work better and more efficiently. They are now very reliable and economical to run.

3. How long is a boiler installation guaranteed?

Generally - 1 year. On top of that you will also receive the manufactures warrantee BUT you must have the boiler serviced annually to receive this.

4. Does a boiler change create much mess?

With every job there is always the potential to make a mess but as long as dust sheets are laid, the mess can be controlled and it can be tidied as we go along.

5. Why doesn't my boiler work?

The 3 most common reasons are:

  1. Low system pressure, most commonly due to a leak in the system, or you may need to re-fill the system with water.

  2. No ignition - there are a number of reasons why this could be the cause - you should seek expert advice about this.

  3. No power - one of the components inside the boiler may have failed causing it to short circuit. Check if the fuse has blown.

6. Why are my radiators cold?

Check first that all radiator valves are open (there are normally valves on both sides of every radiator) and then check that there is no trapped air by "bleeding" the radiators with a radiator key. If this still doesn't work there may be sludge in the system or some kind of blockage - your system may need flushing out to remove this.

7. Why is my boiler making a banging noise?

This could be down to sludge in the system which can cause restriction in the pipe work which slows the velocity of the water running through the boiler which causes the boiler to overheat which leads to boiler noise and banging.

8. Why does my heating come on with my hot water?

The main cause of this is that one of the valves in the system starts to stick open. This sends the water round the wrong way leading to your heating going on with your hot water.

9. Why does one radiator not get hot?

Firstly check that the valves are open on both sides, secondly check there is no air in the radiator by "bleeding" it with a radiator key. If this still doesn't help, there may be a blockage in that radiator or pipes leading to it in which case you'll need to get an engineer out to take a look.

10. Why does the hot water run slowly from my tap?

Firstly check to see if all the taps are running slowly - if they are all the same, it could be due to a problem in the boiler causing circulation problems causing water to not flow properly, if this is the case you'll need to get an engineer to look at it. Sometimes however, it could be the individual tap in which case it might need replacing or new washers put on.


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